Monday, May 30, 2016

Greetings from Michigan!

Well, after close to 11 years in Utah (for me, Dan got a break when he went on his mission), we finally said goodbye. Dan was offered a job at Ford, so as soon as he wrapped things up with school we moved out to Michigan!

Of all the places I imagined us ending up, I have to say, this was not on the list... not for any bad reason-- it's just that the thought of it had never crossed my mind :) We've been here almost a month and we love it in every way. We came to visit in March to find a place to live, and had planned to spend one day each in a handful of cities to find an apartment in an area we liked. We chose to look at Canton on our first day, and never went anywhere else on our list after visiting.

We live in a cute apartment that is kind of on the edge of town. It's a quiet area that is nice for going on walks and bike rides, has good schools nearby, and is still close to a lot of great shopping. The ward is also really wonderful. We stumbled upon an area where we'd like to end up long term (without even trying), and we couldn't be happier.

Dan is super happy with his job at Ford. He is in some sort of engineering design role and working with CAD (I don't remember his official title/department... oops). He comes home from work happy every single day. He also loves his employee discount-- we got a new car on Saturday. We had to search to find a dealership that was actually open (Saturday and a holiday weekend together made that hard) and finally found one an hour away. We browsed their inventory and saw that they had exactly what we were looking for. So, without any further delay, we got into the car and sped up there.  We are now the proud owners of a C-Max, and we look for any excuse to go for a drive because we love it.

Look at him, he is so happy!

So, that's our big news for now! Life is pretty good. Michigan = A+.



  1. How great it is to have found a place you love and for your husband to love his job! Yay for the new, discounted car too!

    p.s. Did your parents tell you I saw them at the San Diego temple in July? We were in the same session. I wish I could have seen you, too!

    1. They didn't mention that! But, we passed through your neck of the woods on our way back from visiting New Hampshire (probably at the same time you were visiting SD), and it made me think of you!